In 2016, I created BookSweeps.com, one of the premier book giveaway & lead generation sites for fiction authors, now with an email list of nearly 150,000 readers.

Over 2,500 authors have used BookSweeps’ promotional services, including some of the top-selling names in romance, mysteries & thrillers, sci-fi & fantasy, Christian fiction, and YA.

You can learn more about our promotions here: https://ryanzee.com/multi-author-giveaways/

As a marketing consultant, I’ve been fortunate to work with a number of bestselling & highly acclaimed authors in a range of genres, including Andrew Gross, Mary Jo Putney, Julianne MacLean, Bruce Henderson, Sharon Guskin, and Charles Belfoure.

My work focuses on the ways authors can use tools like email marketing, Facebook ads, giveaways and innovative solutions like chatbots to grow their platforms and drive interest in their books.

Ryan Zee

Ryan Zee


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