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Step 1: You Provide a Book

Promote whatever book you want within the giveaway parameters: new books, old books, novels, novellas, ebooks, hardcovers, paperbacks. If you can provide it, we can promote it.

Step 2: We Provide the Materials

Contest landing page? Check. Awesome grand prize? Check. Personalized contest graphics? Check. Newsletter and social media templates? Check. Tips and reminders via email? Check.

Step 3: Everyone Promotes the Contest

You share the contest with your newsletter and social media audiences. We share the contest with our audience.

Step 4: Readers Have Fun

Readers sign up via one of our mobile-optimized contest pages, choose whose newsletters they’d like join, and get a chance to learn more about the authors involved.

Step 5: Celebrate!

After the contest ends, you get a list of everyone who joined your mailing list, and the winners’ information so you can send readers their prizes.

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“A fantastic way to grow your mailing list with high quality, targeted readers. I love it!”

Vanessa Kelly

Bestselling Author

Ryan’s beautifully co-ordinated book giveaways have more than doubled my newsletter audience with readers who actually open and read the content.

Patricia Rice

New York Times Bestselling Author

“Thank you so much for hosting our promotion. I am so impressed with how you handle things.”

Shirley Hailstock

Past President, Romance Writers of America

Promotional Schedule – Winter 2018

Cost of Participation: $60

February 2018

Love on a Wire: Romantic Suspense (Feb 5 – 12)

Criminal Intent: Contemporary Thrillers & Crime Fiction (Feb 5 – 12)

Mages & Sages: Swords, Sorcery, and Epic Fantasy (Feb 5 – 12)

Inspirational Contemporary Romance (Feb 12 – 19)

Romantic Raiders: Historical Romance (Feb 12 – 19)

Love & Laughs: Romantic Comedy & Chick Lit (Feb 12 – 19)

Sex in the City: Rockstars, Billionaires & Gangster Romance (Feb 12 – 19)

Link to the Past: Historical Fiction & Family Sagas (Feb 19 – 26)

Uniforms We Love: Military & Hero Romance (Feb 19 – 26)

Laughs to Die For: Mysteries with Humor (Feb 19 – 26)

Black History Month: Af-Am & Multicultural Fiction (Feb 19 – 26)

Worlds on the Edge: Dystopian & Post-Apoc Sci-Fi (Feb 26 – March 5)

Bad Boys & Bikers: Erotic Romance (Feb 26 – March 5)

March 2018

Women’s History Month: Romantic Women’s Fiction (March 5 – 12)

Women’s History Month: Women Sleuth Mysteries (March 5 – 12)

Sweet Contemporary Romance (March 5 – 12)

Paranormal Mysteries & Thrillers (March 12 – 19)

Inspirational Historical Romance (March 12 – 19)

Urban Fantasy (March 12 – 19)

New Adult & College Romance (March 19 – 26)

Contemporary Young Adult Fiction (March 19 – 26)

Lords of Spring: Georgian, Regency, & Victorian Romance (March 19 – 26)

Fast-Paced Thrillers (March 26 – April 2)

Love on the Range: Contemporary Cowboy Romance (March 26 – April 2)

Otherworldly Love: Paranormal & Sci-Fi Romance (March 26 – April 2)

April 2018

Amazing Adventures: YA Sci-Fi & Fantasy (April 2 – 9)

Play Ball: Sports Romance (April 2 – 9)

Wine & Dine: Book Club Fiction (April 2 – 9)

Cozy Mysteries (April 9 – 16)

Christian & Inspirational Nonfiction (April 9 – 16)

Love & Liberty: American Historical Romance (April 16 – 23)

First in Series: Sci-Fi & Fantasy (April 16 – 23)

Small Town Contemporary Romance (Medium to Steamy) (April 16 – 23)

Grow Your Empire: Business Books & Writing Advice (April 23 – 30)

Audiobooks: Thriller & Crime Fiction (April 23 – 30)

Fantasy & Time Travel Romance (April 30 – May 7)

Dads & Diapers: Single Dad and Secret Baby Romance (April 30 – May 7)

 “The best, well-run contest I have ever participated in.”

Jennifer Bray-Weber, Award-Winning Author

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Can I participate if I'm a traditionally published author?

Yes! Promotions are open to both traditionally published and indie authors.

Do you work with publishers?

Yes! If you’d like to set up an exclusive promotion for your authors, email us at support@ryanzee.com

What kind of book should I promote?

While we don’t recommend promoting books that are already free, anything else is fair game. Since you’ll be promoting the giveaway primarily to your own audience, choose the book that you think is most likely to excite them to participate and share the contest with their friends. Recommendations include: New books, the latest book in a particular series, and higher-priced box sets. After the contest ends, you can offer a free first book, novella, or short story to your new email leads to get them started.

Do I get the emails of every reader who participates in the giveaway?

Nope. You get the emails of the readers who elect to join YOUR email list. We don’t believe readers should be forced to sign up for mailing lists they don’t want in order to have a little fun — and we doubt you want readers on your list who feel like they were forced to join. (Cue the sound of readers unsubscribing en masse.)

How many reader emails should I expect from the promotion?

While the numbers vary by contest, our normal range is approximately 400 – 1,200 emails per author, with reported open rates of more than 50%.

Can I participate if my book isn't ready when the giveaway starts?

Yes! As long as you can provide a copy of your book to the winners within 2-4 weeks of when the promotion ends, we’d be thrilled to have you.

Can I participate if I don't currently have a newsletter?

Everyone has to start somewhere! Send us an email at support@ryanzee.com, let us know how you interact with your readers, and we’ll get back to you asap.

What is your refund / cancellation policy?

In the event of a cancellation, a 100% refund of payment will be issued in all cases if requested prior to the author sign-up deadline, as stated on the contest sign-up page. If a cancellation is requested after the sign-up deadline expires, a 50% refund will be provided.

What's the best way to provide books to the winners?

Good question! For indie authors, we recommend offering books via BookFunnel or InstaFreebie (or as a coupon code via Smashwords). If you’re a traditionally published author, you can send a physical copy OR offer an ebook as a gift via Amazon or Barnes & Noble (or you might contact your publisher to see if they can help).

How many winners do I send a book?

Our contests only have two winners, so you only have to provide two copies of your book (unless otherwise noted).

I want to participate, but my genre isn't on the schedule. What should I do?

Submit a request on this form. If you have a group of 15-20+ authors who’d be interested in the same promotion (or we see equal interest via the form above), we can put something together just for you!

If I recently participated, should I sign up for a different genre next time?

You’re welcome to participate in whatever genre you like, but we do encourage you to try different genres, as appropriate, and submit different titles each time you participate.

Will this directly increase my sales?

While some authors have reported a direct increase in sales, the primary goal of the promotion is to help authors grow their email list and build a fanbase of readers to whom they can send offers in the future.

Why is this better than other book giveaways or cross promotions?

Here are a few reasons:

  • Our promotions are hyper-targeted to readers in your niche.
  • We aim to provide prizes only readers in your audience would want (e.g. books in your genre or sub-genre) — not gift cards or money.
  • We don’t force readers to join author newsletters in order to participate. We invite them. They like that!
  • We utilize a proven methodology for separating participants who are actually interested in the authors from those who just want to win a prize.
  • We provide you with the tips and materials you need to make the promotion a success.
How do readers actually sign up for the promotion?

Readers sign up via a form on a contest page hosted on www.BookSweeps.com.

Want to see a demo? Click here.

Since we collect the emails on our site, we don’t need a link to your newsletter signup form (unless otherwise noted).

Why haven't I found you until now?

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