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Send subscribers acquired via Facebook Lead Ads, Chatbots, or even old sign-up forms directly to your email marketing platform. Harry Potter's got nothing on this.

How it Works

Six Integration Scenarios for Authors

🚨 Alert: You May Be Interested in Multiple Options. This is Perfectly Normal. 🚨

Scenario #1

Facebook Lead Ads

The Problem: If you’re like most authors who have tried FB Lead Ads, the popular ad type that lets you collect email subscribers directly on Facebook, you probably have a love / hate relationship with them.

While extremely effective, these ads don’t sync with your email marketing platform by default — meaning, YOU have to manually add them or pay for an app you need to decipher. Fun!

The Solution: With this integration, we set up and automate the entire process for less than you’d pay on your own.


Scenario #2

Back Matter Subscribers

The Problem: Do you have ebooks connected to old or inactive email sign-up forms? The pages at the end of your books might need some updating.

While you can (and should) update the links in your backmatter, the trouble is that anyone who already downloaded your ebook will still have the old link unless they update the file…

(Good luck with that!)

The Solution: With this integration, anyone who tries to join your email list via a “bad” form will automatically shoot over to your new platform (and be removed from the old one). Magic!

Scenario #3

Collect Subscribers via Forms

The Problem: Have you ever used Google Forms or similar to collect email subscribers or survey your readers? Many authors do.

While there are lots of great form providers, unfortunately most of them don’t sync with email marketing services — you need to add your subscribers on your own, delaying any rewards you’ve promised. (Nobody likes that.)

The Solution: With this integration, we connect your forms to your email marketing service, allowing you to add subscribers, update their accounts, or even send automated emails. Yay!

Scenario #4

Collect Subscribers via Chatbot

The Problem: Do you have a Facebook Messenger Chatbot? The good news is the bot can be used to collect email subscribers.

The bad news? To automatically add those leads to your email marketing platform, you’re going to need to link your bot with your account.

The Solution: With this integration, we’ll review your chatbot and connect it to your newsletter platform so that your readers can easily subscribe to your emails via Messenger.

Scenario #5

Collect Subscribers via Email

The Problem: Let’s say your readers aren’t super tech savvy. (Ha! You wouldn’t be the first one.)

Want to make it easier for your fans to join your email list? Well, you could add every single email manually, by yourself, forever, or. . .

The Solution: Let your readers know they can sign up by simply sending you an email!

With this integration, we’ll set up an email that readers can message to join your list. Or just forward their email to that address yourself :)

Scenario #6

Collect Subscribers via Text

The Problem: What if your reading audience is younger or you’re trying to attract Millennials?

You could try convincing bookstagrammers to click the signup link in your “Insta” bio, but… seriously, who even knows what that means?

The Solution: Let readers know they know can subscribe to your email list by simply sending you a text message!

With this integration, we’ll set up a new phone number so your readers can text you to join your list. Now who’s the cool author in town?


Annually (Save 17%)


$ 10
  • 1 Integration Scenario
  • Unlimited Subscribers
  • One Time Setup Fee ($40)


$ 15
  • 2 Integration Scenarios
  • Unlimited Subscribers
  • One Time Setup Fee ($60)


$ 20
  • 3 Integration Scenarios
  • Unlimited Subscribers
  • One Time Setup Fee ($75)

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work with my newsletter provider?

This service is available for authors on these email marketing platforms: ActiveCampaign, Aweber, Constant Contact, Convertkit, GetResponse, Mailchimp, MailerLite, SendGrid, and Sendy.

Will this work if I'm on a free newsletter plan?

Yes, you are eligible regardless of your payment plan with your current email marketing service. But please note we are only capable of working with the services mentioned here.

How long will my integration(s) run for?

Forever! Any automations we build will run indefinitely while your plan is active.

How many integrations can I create?

We can build as many as your author business requires. (The possibilities are pretty much endless.)

What if my newsletter has multiple lists?

We can connect as many lists / groups as you need, so that you can track exactly where your subscribers come from.

Does this comply with GDPR?

Any subscribers acquired via the scenarios described here will be processed in compliance with GDPR and relevant privacy laws.

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